Dave Mustaine: “I Pray For Obama”


Megadeth frontman and professional loudmouth Dave Mustaine opens up about his critics, his controversial attitude towards President Obama and why the internet basically sucks in a new interview with, well, us!

“Just because I don’t support something, [it] doesn’t mean that I hate somebody,” says MegaDave about his opinions of Obama. “And to tell you the truth, honestly, I pray for Obama. That’s the thing that makes it laughable when people say stuff about me.


“I have my opinions, you have yours. The sad thing in America is that we hate on people because of how they vote. It’s like, ‘Dude, if we walk into a McDonalds and you get a Big Mac and I get a Quarter Pounder, I ain’t gonna hate on you’. It’s your choice – why is it different when if comes down to who you think should run the country?

“We believe that we’re the greatest country in the world, and yet right now there’s so much attacking on both sides – race wars, sex wars, religious wars. It certainly gives me a lot to write about musically, but it’s real predictable to write about politics. At what point have you got to ask yourself, ‘Do I want to write about politics again? Or do I write about the occult or the macabre – stuff where it’s a little bit safer!’”

Oh Dave, ya kidder. Check out more from the man himself in our current issue, which you can order below…

Inf: http://www.metalhammer.co.uk/news/dave-mustaine-i-pray-for-obama/


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