Primordial, Winterfylleth, Rotting Christ For New Dublin Metal Festival Redemption


Dublin gets its own extreme metalfest.

The brainchild of Primodial frontman Alan Nemtheanga and Dublin Metal Events promoter Fergal Holmes, Redemption is a brand new extreme metal fest, which will be held at the Button Factory in Dublin on February 9, and Subterranea is very proud to be announced as sponsors. Featuring Primordial as headliners, the bill includes previous touring partners Icealand’s Solstafir and Manchester’s Winterfylleth, as well as Greek metal legends Rotting Christ playing their earliest and blackest material only, occultic London death metal enigmas Grave Miasma and local pagan metallers Mael M—rdha. We spoke to Primordial’s Alan Nemtheanga to found out what’s the craic.

What was the initial impetus behind setting up Redemption Fest, and can you see this becoming a regular, annual event or is it meant to be a one-off?

“We talked about doing another Primordial show in Dublin, our hometown but we all knew it had to be something different, something special so along with Fergal Holmes from Dublin Metal Events came up with the idea of putting together a small festival. Dublin has nothing like this, various festivals have come and gone around Ireland but nothing in Dublin so we just put our heads together to try and make Redemption happen. As far as myself and Fergal are concerned this will continue, of course without Primordial in future but we hope to create something unique and special that puts Dublin, Ireland, Primordial, myself and DME connected to Redemption every year as long as it works out.”

For those travelling, what can you tell us about the atmosphere and history of the venue?

“The venue is where we filmed out dvd right in the centre of Dublin. What we hope is that people will travel over for the weekend, Destroyer 666 are playing the night before and make a weekend out of Redemption and take in the atmosphere of the city and it’s history. Hopefully then it goes in their calendar every year. That at least is my plan at least.”

Is there a fundamental sensibility that all the bands share?

“Well, they are bands we know, friends and accomplices, also bands we feel we share some musical common ground. We hope to set a tone that we can run with, for want of a better word, a dark tone that can incorporate more variation in the future. It promises regardless of all the cliches to be a special evening, a unique weekend and hopefully a positive advertisement for the history and culture of our city. Fuck knows right now it needs it!”



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