It’s Official: Heavy Metal Is A Bigger Religion In The UK Than Scientology, Druidism And…Um…Shamanism.



The results for the 2011 UK census have been released today, and following a huge campaign by Metal Hammer to have heavy metal recognised as a legit religion, it turns out that more people put Heavy Metal down as their religion of choice than Scientology, Druidism, Shamanism, and a shit-ton of others we haven’t heard of.

Thought up by Metal Hammer editor Alexander Milas and Rick from The Crobar outside the pub one night, the movement saw over 6,000 people list their religion as Heavy Metal and was given coverage across the mainstream media, including the likes of The Telegraph and The Independent, placing us all above members of the Baha’i, Druid, Taoist and Scientology faiths, amongst others. Yeah, take it Tom Cruise. Take it. We even had Saxon’s Biff Byford volunteer as our Global Metal Peace Ambassador.

Although admittedly we didn’t come close to Jedi. 176,000 people?! That’s just silly.

See the full results over at the Guardian website, and high five to everyone who got involved!



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