Hellyeah, Lamb Of God, In Flames, Sylosis Members Pay Tribute To Dimebag Darrell


Members of Hellyeah – featuring former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul – plus Lamb Of GodIn Flames andSylosis paid tribute to Dimebag Darrell this past weekend, which marked eight years since the ex-Pantera guitarist was killed onstage in Ohio.

Check out the bands raising a glass in honour of Dime in Kansas below:



“Tonight’s show in Kansas City was an emotional one for us on this tour, especially the Hellyeah guys,” commented Randy Blythe via Instagram later. “Eight years ago (December 8, 2004) a crazy man jumped onstage and killed Darrell ‘Dimebag’ Abbott in front of two members of Hellyeah, one of which, of course, is his brother Vinnie Paul. This night changed EVERYTHING for those of us in metal bands — something had been taken away from us, and it wasn’t just Dime. It was our care-free sorta attitude; this sort of thing just didn’t happen in OUR SCENE.

“But it did, and we are all the worse for it. Things have changed, but we still are out here. Vinnie and Bobzilla are still out here rocking their balls off — they have my utmost respect for that. I don’t know if I would step foot on a stage again after witnessing and going through what they did. But they are musicians — plus Dime woulda wanted it that way; you can bet your ass on that.


“The other day, Vinnie came to me and said, Hey, man, can we have a few extra moments in Kansas City to have a drink in memory of Dime?’ Are you kidding me? OF COURSE. So tonight, the whole damn tour, every member of every band, got up on that stage and had a drink in his honor. It felt like family to me, in those best moments of tour when you all are there together, doing this incredible thing, as a FAMILY.

“I wish Dime coulda been there in person with us. But it’s like I said tonight onstage — a mad man’s bullet can take this mortal shell, but TRUE LEGENDS NEVER DIE. We keep them alive, all of us, when we come together band & audience and do this thing we all love so much.

“RIP, Dime. See ya on the other side, bro!”

Inf: http://www.metalhammer.co.uk/news/hellyeah-lamb-of-god-in-flames-sylosis-members-pay-tribute-to-dimebag-darrell/



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