Tom Morello On Why It’s So Hard To Get Rage Against The Machine On Tour: “We’d Have To Agree To Go On One.” Fair Enough.



Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has commented on the band’s recent inactivity since their 2008 reunion in a new interview. Basically, it already feels like too long since we lost our shit toKnow Your Enemy and we want to know what’s up.

“We’d have to agree to go on one,” confirms Tom to Rolling Stone. Oh. Right. “Once a year, the band meets and very seriously discusses and turns down awesome offers to tour the world. That’s part of the program. I’m very grateful that we did agree to do this box set, which we’re very, very proud of. Some of those early videos, you know, we’re playing these clubs for 25 people. I remember that period very, very well. I had been in a lot of bands before Rage Against The Machine, bands that had tried hard to make it, and with that band, with Rage, it just spontaneously combusted. It immediately connected with something in the reptilian brain of fans of rock, hip-hop, punk, metal, activists in a way that was global right off the bat.”

On the topic of his relationship with his bandmates today, Tom adds, “Oh, I mean, we communicate fairly regularly, and my relationship with those three guys is what it’s been for some time. I love them. I consider them brothers and brothers-in-arms, and whether or not we ever play music again in any capacity is unknown. I’m grateful for the music we played together, and thank goodness the cameras were rolling at that first show at Cal State Northridge, and it’s been very hard. For me, as a fan, not just as a member of the band, it’s some of the most exciting stuff I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear, let alone to be a part of.”


Rage Against The Machine are releasing a special 20th Anniversary Edition of their seminal and fucking brilliant self-titled debut, featuring bonus tracks, DVDs, live footage, music videos and oh, so much more.

The full list of items is as follows…

I. Rage Against the Machine – XX (20th Anniversary Edition Deluxe Box Set)
2 x CDs + 2 x DVDs + 180gm LP
12″ lift-off box
40 page booklet
2 sided poster

CD 1 – Rage Against The Machine – Remastered
01. Bombtrack
02. Killing In The Name
03. Take The Power Back
04. Settle For Nothing
05. Bullet In The Head
06. Know Your Enemy
07. Wake Up
08. Fistful Of Steel
09. Township Rebellion
10. Freedom
Bonus Tracks (b-sides)
11. Bombtrack (live, taken from Bombtrack single)
12 Bullet in the Head (live, taken from Bullet in the Head single)
13. Take The Power Back (live, taken from Freedom single)

CD 2 – “The Original Demos” – first official commercial release (except where noted)
01. Bombtrack
02. Take The Power Back
03. Bullet in the Head
04. Darkness of Greed (previously released)
05. Clear the Lane (previously released)
06. Township Rebellion
07. Know Your Enemy
08. Mindset’s A Threat
09. Killing In The Name
10. Auto Logic
11. The Narrows
12. Freedom

DVD #1

“The Battle of Britain” – previously unreleased
1. Testify
2. Bombtrack
3. People Of The Sun
4. Know Your Enemy
5. Bulls On Parade
6. Township Rebellion
7. Bullet In The Head
8. White Riot
9. Guerrilla Radio
10. Sleep Now In The Fire
11. Freedom
12. Killing In The Name

“Killing in the Name” (1992)
“Bullet in the Head” (1993)
“Bombtrack” (1993)
“Freedom” (1993)
“Bulls on Parade” (1996)
“People of the Sun” (1996)
“No Shelter” (1998)
“Guerrilla Radio” (1999)
“Sleep Now in the Fire” (2000) – first official commercial release
“Testify” (2000) – first official commercial release
“Renegades of Funk” (2000) – first official commercial release
“How I Could Just Kill a Man” (2000) – previously unreleased

“The Ghost Of Tom Joad”
“Vietnow” – Irvine, CA – 1997
“People Of The Sun”
“Bulls On Parade”
“Bullet In The Head”
“Zapata’s Blood” – Rock Am Ring Festival, Germany – 1996
“Know Your Enemy”
“Tire Me” – Reading Festival 1996
“Killing In The Name” – Pink Pop Festival – 1994


DVD #2 – all previously unreleased

“First Public Performance”
1. Killing In The Name
2. Take The Power Back
3. Autologic
4. Bullet In The Head
5. Hit The Deck
6. Township Rebellion
7. Darkness Of Greed
8. Clear The Lane
9. Clampdown
10. Know Your Enemy
11. Freedom

PINK POP 1994 – “Freedom”
VIC THEATRE 1993 – “Take the Power Back”
JC DOBBS 1993 – “Fistful of Steel”
Halfway House 1992 – “Wake Up”
Castaic 1992 – “Settle for Nothing”
San Luis Obispo 1992 – “Clear the Lane”
CWNN 1992 – “Untitled”
Zed’s Records 1992 – “Darkness of Greed”
NOMADS 1992 – “Wake Up”

…not bad, eh?! Find out more details on the Rage Against The Machine website.



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