Metallica, Anthrax And Motörhead Confirmed For Dio Tribute Album…And Korn And Avenged Sevenfold Are Next On The List



Wendy Dio, wife of the late, great Ronnie James Dio, has commented on the progress of the much-anticipated Dio tribute album that has been mooted about for quite some time now.

“We have a lot of [artists] who are working on [their contributions to the tribute album],” Wendy commented at this past weekend’s Icons & Idols-Rock ‘N’ Roll Auction. “Metallica has already finished theirs for us and Anthrax and Glenn Hughes [have completed theirs as well]. Rob Halford‘s working on it. I think Alice Cooper‘s working on it. Motörhead, [in] January we’ll get theirs. So we’ll have a whole classic CD ready next year, and so I’m hoping to then ask the younger bands to do a tribute to Ronnie as well, so we can do two CDs: a classic one and the younger bands.”



On which “young bands” she’d like to see get involved, she adds, “I haven’t approached anyone, but who I would pick would definitely be KornAvenged Sevenfold… Anyone that’s been influenced by Ronnie or Ronnie’s music, and I think it would be a great tribute and it would be great fun to do, too.”


This sounds like it could be absolutely amazing. Someone get Jonny D and M Shadows on the phone!



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