Lamb Of God’s John Campbell: Czech Fan “Never Should Have Been On Stage In The First Place”



Lamb Of God bassist John Campbell has commented on the recent news that Randy Blythe has been indicted on a charge of manslaughter after the death of a fan in Prague two years ago.

Check out a snippet from the interview with MLive below… Does [the] incident [in the Czech Republic where a fan lost his life after attending a Lamb Of God concert] reflect upon the issue of safety at live concerts?

Campbell: It was a tragic event that happened. It’s not the first time somebody jumped off stage — I’ve done it myself, when I was younger. I have, too.

Campbell: We should count ourselves lucky, then, and take a moment to pause and reflect on a life that was lost. I don’t want to lose focus on that. I understand you have to be careful about not turning one unusual, individual incident into a bigger issue. Fans jump on stage and dive off at concerts every day.

Campbell: Yeah. In this day and age, though, I’d prefer not to have people on stage. People pay to see us perform, and that’s not part of the production we have planned. It’s not about a guy jumping on stage and flapping his arms and jumping off. And then there’s that one time where a guy got on stage and murdered [former Pantera guitarist] Darrell Abbott. In my opinion, [the Czech man] never should have been on stage in the first place. How did the fundraiser for Randy go?

Campbell: That was great. I parted with some items – I have personal attachments to the basses I play on stage. I took my two favorite basses and donated them to the auction, and donated a painting that Dave Brockie from GWAR made of Oderus running a sword through me. [laughs] Personally, I was overwhelmed with how much support we received, and we raised a decent amount of money. We’re potentially staring down the barrel of a very expensive trial…I’ve been told there’s another auction being planned with more donated items from friends and bands.



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