Our Brand New HEAVY METAL App Is Now Live!



Yup. You read that right – we’ve just created the world’s HEAVIEST app for iPad, iPhone and iTouch, which is now available for FREE from iTunes. We partnered with Mobobo, the world’s only Real Time Talking App Developers, to bring you our brand spanking new ‘Heavy Metal’ app.


So what exactly does it do? There’s a character called Lemmy Atom, which you can customise as you see fit and interact with in many ways. Think you know how to scream? Then why not take on Lemmy in the world’s first ever screaming game, in which you compete for screaming supremacy.

You’ll get marked on accuracy and how loud you are, and if you do well in the game you may very well get the chance to turn Lemmy into a demon – who’ll tirelessly repeat phrases in a voice so grisly you can almost smell the brimstone.

You’ll be able to poke Lemmy, knock him over or just be nice and tickle him (we’ve checked, tickling is still metal). He’s also a good listener is our Lemmy – and he’ll be more than happy to repeat back whatever you say to prove it!

Think you’re metal? Then let us hear you SCREAM. Heavy Metal by Metal Hammer is available nowfor free, exclusively through iTunes, for iPhone, iPad and iTouch right here

Inf: http://www.metalhammer.co.uk/news/our-brand-new-heavy-metal-app-is-now-live/


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