Marilyn Manson: “People Are, ‘Are You A Nazi?’ C’mon, I Wear Lipstick!”


Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie chat to Metal Hammer in our humdinger of a current issue, and because we like to spoil you, we’ve got some snippets from our Brian below…

“People say, ‘Are you a Nazi?’ C’mon, I wear lipstick. The thing is, swastikas look exciting. Not what they symbolise, but the red, black and white. Same as Walt Disney. Same colours. It’s the primary colours of alchemy, it always works. Black hair, white face, red lipstick, it’s why we chase around girls like Betty Page our whole lives.”

“It’s what the mind is conditioned for. You hear the high-pitched strings in a horror film, and you get scared. And when you see certain things on a stage or hear a certain sound, it makes people think a certain way. It’s pavlovian.”

“Right now, I feel like I’m working on my comeback. Born Villain is my comeback record. There were times in the past when I lost track of what I was supposed to do with all this information in my head. I felt frustrated and didn’t want to work on music because I’d make things and I’d turn them into the profiteers, the record label, Interscope or whoever, and they would do something with it that was not only not as smart as what I’d do, they diluted it.”

Read more in our current issue, OUT NOW ALRIGHTY?



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