Nikki Sixx On New Mötley Crüe Material: “I’ve Been Writing My Ass Off For Months”


Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has commented on the progress of the new Crüe album, and reckons he’s gonna have a ton of material to sift through.

“So glad we recorded the new Mötley Crüe track ‘Sex’ and actually got it out in time for the last tour for you to hear live,” he remarks in a post on his official Facebook page. Obviously, there is much more to come (as always). [Mötley Crüe guitarist] Mick Mars told me he has so many riffs ready to go to… But ‘Sex’ was just a taste of some ‘new Crüe.’ I’ve personally been writing my ass off for months now. Feeling really inspired to follow it up with the rest of the songs from the band, too.”

In an August interview with, Sixx said that there were no plans for the group to record a full album’s worth of material.

“It takes time to put together music,” Sixx said. “Right now we’re just writing music. There’s tons of material always there — there’s riffs for days, ideas, choruses here, verses there. For us, it’s how many songs have we written (and) how many do we love and what do we want to do with them? It’s about finding the time to go home, be off the road, get everybody in a room and start riffing and see where it does.”

Regarding how Sex came together, Sixx said, “We happened to have this song everyone was really excited about, so instead of saying, ‘Let’s add it to the pile of songs we have and we’ll sort ‘em out later,’ we were, ‘Hey, let’s finish this one up.’ We got it out there for the fans, for the tour, and it’s exciting for the band to play something new. We love the classics and the hits, and I know the fans love that, too, but to be able to play something new is great.

“We wanted to save that big push for when we do (an album),” he added, “but the way the song is connecting with people feels like the way the music used to connect with people when we were a baby band and just had our first record out. The song really seems to work.”



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